Welcome to your future – is an educational website to help you on your journey of discovery down the Bitcoin rabbit hole. You arrived here with the help from a kind soul, who thought you deserve to be helped and pointed you in the right direction.  

Bitcoin is a way of life it encompasses  math, philosophy, economics, art & music plus many more topics the list seems endless. It has been said that bitcoin is the renaissance 2.0 and we are building a future on firm foundations that may last longer than humans.

Enjoy your stay here, your next step is to find out what money actually “is”. Once you have a better understanding of money & bitcoin, you might get the feeling that it is the nearest thing to real money and want to convert as much as possible to bitcoin whilst you still can. There will only ever be 21 million bitcoin with nearly 8 billion people on this planet and more than 40 million millionaires get your fair share today.

Mona Lisa - Bitcoin