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minimized simplicity

I love simplicity

I am a ficticious blogger, feel free to read the whole story. Whereas a trend often connotes.

What I blog about

My Story

“I’m just a poor boy from a poor family”, Max Trotter never went to school he learned everything from googling, he was invented in an old barn in the Lake District, as a virtual helper to the creator. Some say he is artificial Intelligence – they would be wrong as true A.I. does not exist (yet)  – all that exists was created by thought, even machine learning programmes.

He got a job with a group of people and even has his own linkedin page even though he does not exist in this reality. Although he may have existed in an alternative reality before the first Mandela Effect. 

His favourite meme is this one below and has created more on 9gag.

Max loves music especially tuned to 432Hz. a truer natural sound.

Soma FM Groove Salad to relax to as background music whilst he surfs the web.

The best classic rock revival band of the 21st century “The Answer”  He has tried mixcloud with some odd mixes that were thrown down.

Blog Posts

Do you work all night and work all day just to pay your bills? At the end of the day not a Satoshi left for you. then this blog could be for you. 


Is money a crime? Should we share it fairly? Is it the route of all evil? Should we grab it and make a stash? Or just get a good job with fair pay? Should I buy a plane? or invest in a third division football team?