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Do yourself a favour and educate yourself about Bitcoin, these links will have the answer you are looking for.

Bitcoin Resources

Bitcoin Links

  • Bitcoin Africa – African Bitcoiners is a Bitcoin community helping to onboard new African users and guide them safely on their Bitcoin journey from Learning about Bitcoin, with our free Bitcoin for beginners course  to earning sats and saving this Bitcoin in self-custody
  • Bitcoin Australia – Learn what bitcoin is, how it works and why you should own it?
  • Bitcoin Costa Rica – The bitcoin Jungle is an open source community project built on the Bitcoin Lightning Network. Our goal is to create a circular Bitcoin economy.
  • Bitcoin El Salvador – Our mission is to empower students to take their first step towards using Bitcoin through our interactive classes.
  • Bitcoin Europe – a mobile application that connects Bitcoin buyers and sellers directly together. Buy or sell bitcoin peer-to-peer anywhere, at anytime.
  • Bitcoin Uganda – Gorilla Sats is a leading Bitcoin company based in Uganda, with a mission to drive the adoption of Bitcoin and create a thriving Bitcoin-based circular economy in Uganda. 
  • Bitcoin UK – financial-advice.com is an educational website to help you on your journey of discovery down the Bitcoin rabbit hole.